How to get rid of EGO?

Before I begin, the first thing that you need to know is - What is Ego?

Anything that does not give you a feeling of belongingness, towards any human being - that is ego. Ego means nothing but a wall between you and others. So even if you are shy - that is nothing but ego; If you are arrogant - that is ego, If you are jealous - that is ego.

Recently I had this feeling that I want to get rid of this ego. I just couldn't feel the belongingness towards others. I just wanted to get rid of it - so that I could realise that I belong to all. I constantly prayed to Guruji to remove the ego from me. Then suddenly it dawned on me. A realisation happened that I don't have to get rid of the ego; it's already not a part of me. I realised that ego is something else; and I am something else. I just closed my eyes and went deep into this. I found out that there is a Mind, Ego, Intellect, Memory, Body, thoughts and me. You are already different from Mind, Ego, Intellect, Body, Memory and thoughts.

Let's call all these (Mind, Ego, Intellect, Body, Memory and thoughts as 'tools'. In our life, from time to time, we have to make use of these tools, but we confuse these tools to be 'me'.
The truth is, we are not these tools; we are a witness, who makes use of these tools.

A unique quality of these tools is that they keep giving credit to you. So say for example, someone compliments you that you are looking very nice; the mind and ego becomes happy - and they give credit to you. Here you only have to realise that 'You' are only a witness and give back the credit to the body and mind. Similarly say if you are bored/angry/frustrated, realise that its the mind who is getting bored/frustrated/angry - Not you!

Once this realisation happens that it's not you; its the influence of mind/body/memory/ego/intellect, you have become a witness!