Raanjhanaa - BAAP of twists and turns!

Raanjhanaa review
Film: Raanjhanaa
Cast: Dhanush, Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol
Director: Anand Rai
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Rating: ***

Story setup: Dhanush (Kundan) a very mischevious child (from Banaras), falls in love (at first sight) with Sonam (Zoya). As they grow up, Kundan continues to follow Zoya everywhere, chases her and manages to convince her to love him back. Zoya's family do not agree to the relationship (as the boy is Hindu and they are still school going kids). Zoya is sent away, while Kundan promises to wait for her. When Zoya returns back to UP, lots of things have changed in Zoya's life, but Dhanush is still with his memories. In comes Abhay Deol (Akram) the love of Zoya's life.

Raanjhanaa Review: I did not wanted to watch this movie, thinking this will be one 'hopeless love story'. Something like Tere Naam, where the ending is a tragic one. Surprisingly (and thankfully), this movie is a different one. AR Rahman's music once again gives you that amazing 'larger than life' experience. Not just the songs but the background score is superb.

This movie is one of the BAAP of twists and turns. Here is the flow:
The movie starts with childish love, moves on to politics, and then to possessiveness, changes its gear to unconditional love and surrender, then some confusion, re-enters politics and leadership, then comes to hatred & revenge and finally ends with unconditional love.

Good thing about the movie is that it's unpredictable. As soon as you feel this is what is going to happen next, the movie surprises you (right till the last scene). Some good comedy by Kundan's childhood friends - Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub (Murari) and Swara Bhaskar (Bindiya) keeps the movie alive and entertaining.

Watch this movie for it's mere unpredictable plot, Dhanush's acting and AR Rahman's music. I give it a 3/5